There are numerous controversies revolving around Empower Network and its marketing products. You will never miss a review claiming that Empower Network is nothing but a pyramid scam. However, just like any marketing system it has its benefits and flaws. If you are new to empower network, this is a great start. This section addresses key factors about empower network.

How Did Empower Network Start?

The empower network program is a hybrid network marketing company that offers digital online marketing training and tools. In simple terms, it is a blogging platform with a line of products that imparts knowledge on how to make money online to people. It teaches you how to sell services or products and receive payment as commission of your total sales.

This network is ideal for both experienced and new online marketers who wish to expand their small, start-up or home-based businesses. The training includes  six info-products and marketing tools such as video hosting, training, blogging system and additional guideline packages for small to medium businesses. So far, it is estimated that over 30,000 people are using empower network and its affiliate programs to make stable incomes via commissions.


The Marketing Training

It has five major products and some additional products which make it easier to use the system. They include:

· Inner Circle – It consists of recorded audio files made by empower network leaders. This audio library was started in 2011 and it is updated on weekly basis. It contains inspiration quotes which keep your mind focused. The fee is $100 per month.

· Viral Blogging System – Also known as the Blog Beast and you will be charged $25 per month. It enables you to manage several domains on one location via a mobile app or blogging platform.

· 15k Formula – Requires a $1000 one-time fee. This package comes with a series of over-the-shoulders presentations from top leaders of the network. This is so far the best form of internet training.

· Costa Rica Mastermind – A $500 one-time fee is required. It has a good quality recording but is somehow outdated.

· Master’s Course – This is a high level advanced training that is not good for newbies. It only comes in HD quality. If you want to take your training to the next level, this is a good alternative  product to purchase. A one-time $3500 fee is required.

· Internet Traffic Formula – With a one-time payment of $997, you will get amazing modules which will game up your marketing strategies.

How Does The Empower Network System Work?

As stated earlier, it is an online blogging system which enables each user to host his/her own website for their online businesses. It enables people to optimize their sites and generate multiple leads for their products. To keep the leads growing, it uses affiliate links and software hence you don’t have to set-up anything. It also assists people in expanding their financial systems via marketing training, multilevel marketing, commission based direct sales and more.

Can I benefit from Empower Network?

Depending on your levels of expertise, you can benefit from Empower Network. If you are just staring up, you can get to expand your online business to all four corners of the world. In addition, you don’t have to get stressed out in setting anything up as a lot has been done for you.

Empower Network has changed the lives of many individuals But you are the only one capable to decide if the system will work for you or not.